Our campaigns broadly fall into three areas / themes:


We campaign for a secular state. By secular, we mean a separation of church and state, and state neutrality on matters of religion or belief. We believe that only a secular state can adjudicate fairly between people of all faiths and none, and that only a secular state can treat every citizen equally.

We believe in the power of society’s institutions to foster social cohesion. Humanist thinkers have emphasised the Government’s role in maintaining harmony and cohesion amongst society’s different groups. We believe that only secular institutions can provide social cohesion in modern Britain.



We believe that public institutions should work to create a cohesive society. Our philosophy is one of aspiration and advancing opportunity, which demands equal access to public services.

We promote equality before the law and thoroughly oppose attempts to introduce a two-tier legal system, and campaign to prevent any religious laws, courts, or tribunals gaining legal status in the UK, including sharia courts. We also pursue the legal recognition of humanist marriages so that humanists can marry in ceremonies which reflect their beliefs and values.



Humanists have long championed the rights of the individual against the encroaching state and have a tradition of defending civil liberties, due process of law, and the rights of the individual from governments who have sought more authoritarian powers.

We prioritise human rights & welfare, and ethical animal welfare, above religious practices.

We believe that an essential right in a free society is that of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We believe that society is stronger when individuals are free to express themselves.

We strongly support the right to freedom of religion or belief, at home and internationally.

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